An assessment of affairs

We’ve been pretty busy the last few months because of changes on the home front. Like hordes of other people on lockdown, we’ve been doing home improvement. From getting tradies in to doing things ourselves (I helped paint a room!) to selling on Gumtree and disposing items we no longer need.

Crossing fingers that all the big things get sorted by next weekend. (Then we can focus on the houseplant and art situation… but at least we can take time with that!)

As part of all this, I’ve been forced to re-assess all the things I’ve accumulated. I didn’t have a reason to, previously, for the simple reason that there was enough room anyway. But having to move things around had me thinking – “Why am I lugging all these books around if I don’t use them?” “Why am I figuring out how these clothes will fit in this container if I haven’t worn them in years??”

So I’ve taken on another popular lockdown task, which is decluttering. (I also threw in a few Marie Kondo episodes on Netflix.)

I’ve always prided myself on not being a shopaholic, but nobody’s perfect. When I was sorting my items I realised it wasn’t so much that those items didn’t spark joy or weren’t useful. A lot of the things I’d been hanging on were artefacts from previous lives.

Take, for example, the books from my Masters degree in education, ten years ago! I kept them because I enjoyed them and felt they’d be useful somehow. But with the way my career has gone, I’m not focused on anything education-related. I probably don’t need the statistics books that opened my eyes how to properly understand research papers. (Nerdy, but it was one of my favourite classes.) And if I did need to brush up again on educational theories, it wouldn’t be hard to find similar, more updated resources.

Take the numerous bikinis from when I used to do water sports regularly. (I already had a bikini obsession, but I justified it by doing early morning stand up paddling sessions at Rose Bay.) Even if I did get back into it, I doubt I’d need all the bikinis I have stashed…

Technically, there is still room for all those things, but… I’d rather not. I’d rather just keep the things I need, and travel as light as I can.


Oh, 2020…

I didn’t want to write much about #BlackLivesMatter. I don’t have the experience or insight to give any sort of commentary that would give the movement justice.

I’m a minority in the country I now call home, but I’ve been lucky to spend my formative years in countries where I wasn’t a minority. (And even if none of us spoke the language, my family still looked sufficiently Asian that we blended in, when we were living in Japan.) That meant I grew up without experiencing repeated racial microaggressions, so I cannot relate to those who have experienced it all their lives.

Australia is not the USA; however, it still has its own shortcomings, especially when it comes to dealing with First Australians. Which is why I understand why the movement has gained some traction here, too.

Without saying much else, here’s a list of Indigenous charities you could be supporting and GoFundMe campaigns for Aboriginal Australians.

Also, here’s a beautiful piece in today’s Sydney Morning Herald – “The pains of beholding my country from a distance” by Cole Brown.


Over two months in lockdown…

I’m grateful that Australia has been doing well with the coronavirus. New cases have slowed to a trickle, so restrictions have been progressively lifted for the past few weeks. Restaurants now serve dine-in in increasing numbers. More and more people are now allowed to visit each other’s homes. Museums, libraries and some shops will be opening from tomorrow.

This is great for the economy, and we can’t wait to go out and eat at our favourite restaurants again. But admittedly, part of me enjoys the life I’ve been living these past few months. I like the additional hours in my day not taken up by a commute; I don’t particularly miss being on a crowded train or running to make timetables. I like working from home. I miss seeing my friends in person, but have found that we’ve been connecting more through online messaging, voice or video calls.

I’m also grateful for all the companies and organisations shifting their products and services online, making sure I don’t go totally bonkers in isolation.

Here are some of my faves. Please support them if you can! And if you’ve got any suggestions for stuff to do online, please let me know.

And one other item that should’ve made the list – Bluprint. Unfortunately, I just got an email yesterday that they’ll be closing in the next few months. Nooo! They were integral to me continuing to sew after I picked up the hobby years ago. I still have a bunch of un-watched sewing courses.

Anyway, I guess that’s my cue to make a move on completing my sewing projects. (Fortunately, I’ve recently purchased some new gorgeous fabric from Nerida Hansen. Don’t know if any of my friends reading this sew, but there you go.) Seriously though, Bluprint closing makes me really sad. I hope they sort out what to do with “own forever” classes (of which I have over a dozen!) so I can continue to watch and learn as much as I can.


Realisations, part 4

Realisation #4: Now is the time to be conscious of how I want to live.

I’m lucky that I am still still employed and thus have the opportunity to take a step back and become more intentional about how I live my life given these quieter times.

Previously, things felt really busy. It was go go go. There would always be things I needed to do and places I had to be. But now I’ve got a couple of hours back – I no longer have to travel to work or my exercise classes, with both of those things done at home or at least nearby. While I still catch up with friends, it’s online. Restaurants and cafes are closed save for takeaway. Gone too are the events, museums and markets I would’ve spent my weekends in.

So now I’ve got time.

Plenty of time.

And how am I spending it?

Sometimes, I’m happy with how I’ve spent my time: sewing, playing the piano, practicing Spanish, baking, exercising and journaling. And sometimes, I’m not… the endless searching for interesting things and gossipy articles online. Staying awake at night for no real reason at all. Mindless Netflix and TV watching.

But yes. Now I’ve got time to step back and reassess if I’m living how I want to be living. And if I’m not, take steps in the right direction.