Blogging’s not really my thing anymore.

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My domain renewal came up. I seriously contemplated letting it lapse. But I decided to keep it, because it’s my name. If I ever need it in the future, I don’t want it snatched up by some random.

As for using it, though — that’s another matter.

I like writing down my thoughts, and writing for the small number of friends and family I have, who I know are reading this. But I realized that blogging isn’t my thing (anymore). I know I used to write a lot publicly, even about the most personal things when I was younger, but… it’s not me anymore. I don’t post on Facebook, I don’t tweet anything other than links, I’m not into writing things to build my readership or personal brand of whatever. I don’t want to write for an audience.

I like writing for me. And if I do feel like sharing something, I like sharing my stories only with the people who, as Brene Brown would put it, “have earned the right to hear them.”

So if you don’t know me, and somehow stumbled on this space, carry on.

If I know you personally, and you’re wondering how I’m doing, send me an e-mail or text or call. :) Come and say hello.