Happy 2nd birthday…

…we’ve got a teenager!

It’s Lenny’s 2nd birthday today (or 14 in dog years). 😛

We adopted him a little over three months ago from Animal Welfare League. S & I had talked about having a dog someday, but it seemed like something for the future. After we moved, I’d randomly send him profiles of rescue dogs. After seeing Lenny’s profile, though, somehow we were like… do you really want to do this? Should we do this?

Lenny’s the first dog we’ve owned as adults so it’s been a shock at how much work is involved! Unfortunately, we don’t have information about how he spent his first year and a half before arriving at the shelter… but it appears that his previous owners didn’t properly train or socialise him. 🙁 I mean, his description said so… that he was anxious, and was inexperienced meeting other people and dogs. So we thought we were prepared, but it felt like a whole different ballgame when we actually got him.

There were times where I cried out of frustration. I’d imagined a happy go lucky dog that we could take to dog parks and go hiking. That we could go out for a couple of hours and he’d be happily chilling in the yard instead of escaping. (We still don’t know how he does it. Our fences are around 1.6m.)

That being said, he’s a sweet and smart boy and he’s improved a lot since arriving. He knows a few commands now, he’s much better at interacting with visitors and strangers, he’s less dog reactive, and we’ve been leaving him alone for longer periods of time.

Now we can’t imagine life without him. He showers us with so much love and affection and makes us proud with how much he’s learning every day. Thanks to Lenny, we get our fair share of exercise with walks twice a day and fetch in the back yard. When I’m distracted, he comes up and cuddles next to me and I’m brought back to the present. He makes us laugh with his doggy antics.

S told me the other day, “I think he wags his tail a lot more now”. He’s definitely a lot more sprightly when we play fetch. The dog trainer said a while back, that Lenny didn’t seem like a dog who was too affectionate. That’s definitely changed the longer he’s been here. He jumps up on our bed at around 6AM and cuddles closer to us when we’re waking up. He drapes himself across S and I when we’re on the sofa.

So here’s to our silly billy bloopy boy. Happy birthday, darling.

Lenny and the jacarandas! And yes, he’s worn a path down the back yard with all the fetch. Oh well, we’re in the middle of revamping the yard anyway.
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