How is it only February?! The past few weeks have been an emotional rollercoaster. If the rest of 2022 is like this, I’m in for another action-packed year. I’ve been dealing with health issues (mine and others’) and busy work hours. These have not been a chill past few weeks.

But I am grateful for a few things amidst all this madness. Having S by my side, for one, though that’s a given. 😛 I remember, years ago, moaning to my auntie about being single. I remember her telling me, “Mag-ingat ka Mel, yung iba dyan may asawa nga pero sakit lang sa ulo!” (Rough, non-literal translation: Be careful what you wish for, some people are worse off having husbands.) Happily, this has not been my situation, and I cannot imagine going through the past few weeks alone.

Second, I’m grateful to family and friends. In-person friends, in particular. We held off on catching up with people this January and early February. Fortunately, we were able to have visitors the past weeks. S and I have been stuffing ourselves with cake lately because friends have bought us entire cakes the past two Saturdays.

Third, I’m grateful to have a bit of time off work, thanks to my company who has generous benefits, and my manager who is a great advocate for me. I had taken the last week off to recover, which I’m supremely grateful for, because I’m now feeling more refreshed.

So in summary – life has been crazy. But I’ve been recovering, getting by with support from family and friends. 🙂

On a related note – people have been finding my Instagram account. I was initially surprised because the account no longer uses my maiden name, and I haven’t been advertising my “new” last name. I think it’s because I changed the email address attached to it to reflect my old email address. It must’ve sync’d to people’s address books. It’s been fun as it inevitably sparks conversations on how I’ve been doing lately.

I’ve had so many chapters in my life now. I’ve lived in different countries, had different jobs, and had many hobbies. Keeping in touch with people is hard, especially for someone like me who never got into social media. Sometimes, I wish I’d done a better job of keeping in touch. Anyway, it was great hearing from people again, and it made me nostalgic for how things used to be. It’s just a bit funny though, catching up with people who I hadn’t heard from in years… one day we’re all uni students, next thing we’re all old fogeys with mortgages, babies or fur-babies. (Also, how is it that some of my friends’ kids are already at uni?!)

But still, I’m happy that even though there are people I haven’t heard from in ages, we can always pick up from where we left off. 🙂

If there’s anything I’ve learned the past few weeks, it’s that I am not alone.

Edit 21/02: OMG today S & I unexpectedly got a lovely present from a good friend, and I also got a bouquet of flowers. My third bouquet in a month! Definitely feeling the love.

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