Sewing goals

I caved and started a new Instagram account focused on sewing. It was really hard to get inspiration otherwise. I could only go so far browsing tags until Instagram blocked me from seeing more. Anyway, I’ve been using the account to post my makes and shout-out to the fabric shops, patternmakers, etc.

Last year was great, sewing-wise. I tried patterns that required new skills and approached different ways of construction. I’m hoping to continue that this year; while I’ve always been happy wearing things I’d made, there’s an additional sense of pride that comes from wearing something where I’ve done that little bit extra to go beyond my comfort zone.

It’s sewing tradition to post a “make nine”, where you outline nine makes neatly in a 3×3 grid. But I realised I couldn’t decide on nine! So here’s my… make (n).

Make (n)

Fairfield Button-up Shirt

Finally, something for S! I’ve made a button-up dress and garments with interfacing, so figured I could try something a bit harder.

Photo from Thread Theory

Elodie wrap dress

This is pretty much my ideal wrap dress style. And it’s made from woven fabric!

Photo from Closet Core Patterns

Chi Town Chinos

Chi-Town Chinos

This style is my staple. I’ve got three similar shorts and since I’ve had them for years they’re falling apart. So it’s my goal to make a few before next summer!

Photo from Alina Design Co

Knit fabric garments

I’ve been sewing with mostly woven fabrics, so I’d like to get more into knit fabrics this year. I’ve had Meg McElwee‘s “Sewing with knits” class for years now but kept putting it off. Well, my goal is to complete it this year and complete the knit garments included in the class: a hoodie, shirts, shorts, and dress.

(I’ve already got the materials for the first item – the fleece hoodie – and all the sewing notions. Just need to get myself to do it!)

Already made

I’ve completed two things so far: the Peppermint Bardon dress and the Peppermint spring shorts. I’ve smashed a fair number of their patterns, they’re so good and beginner-friendly. Plus, they’re free! 😀

PS So I counted and apparently I’ve listed nine garments here. So I actually had enough to make a proper make nine, haha!

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