Spring officially started on the 1st of September. The weather’s still alternating between being warm and cold. But still, I can tell it’s definitely spring!

One of the trees on a pot out front was bare from the moment we moved in. I thought it was dead. I wanted to plant something else in it (like a calamansi tree, hehe). But now it’s sprouting leaves! S reckons it’s a Japanese maple.

New South Wales has reached 80+% partially vaccinated and 50+% fully vaccinated residents over 16 years old. Last week, our state leaders removed the curfew from our area and allowed picnics for the fully vaxxed.

Both of things converged so S and I had a picnic in a nearby reserve yesterday. Thankfully it was less than 2.5km from where we live, so well within the 5km limit. It was a beautiful, warm, sunny day. The reserve was full of other picnic-ers and people going for walks, runs and bike rides.

And, from today, we’re allowed to have picnics with up to three other fully vaxxed people. I’m excited to finally meet up with friends who live nearby! I also found out about two other reserves also within 5km of where we live, which we didn’t even know about. They’ve both got swimming baths too!

Springtime, indeed.

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