Finally home

We did it!

It took us over three months, but we are finally, finally home. I didn’t write about it directly in my previous posts because I didn’t want to jinx anything. 😛 But now we’ve been here for two weeks and settling in nicely.

I wrote a few months ago about lifestyle. That was around the time we started looking. Reading the list of things I wanted, I have to say we got most of them. We’re now in a red brick home with a white picket fence and a large backyard. I still feel incredulous thinking about this. Growing up in a different country, I never would’ve fathomed I’d have the kind of house I’d only read about in books. (I mean, a white picket fence!!)

We live a <25 minute train ride away from the city. It’s a quiet suburb with large trees and birds. The neighbours seem friendly and children ride their bikes on our street in the afternoons. We are a quick walk away from cafes and shops and a short drive if we wanted to do more substantial shopping.

The only thing the new place doesn’t have (with regards to my list) is proximity to water. There is a river around a 25 minute walk away… However, we’re now only ~30 minutes away from a few beaches by public transport! Despite living in Australia for over a decade, I’ve always lived further inland. Going to the beach was always an expedition, so this is exciting for me.

Sydney has been in lockdown for the past few months, so our move was muted. In the weeks we’ve been here though, we’ve been doing plenty of walks around the neighbourhood, exploring parks and getting takeaway from cafes and restaurants. We can’t wait when things open up again and we can explore the area and get acquainted with the local businesses properly.

For now, we hang tight… and keep on unpacking boxes and trying to tame our jungle of a backyard.

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