Hey, jealousy

Five more days of lockdown. I’m starting to feel antsy. My days aren’t bad, just monotonous.

After talking to friends and family overseas, I’m getting jealous seeing how they much their lives have started to go back to normal, and staying that way. My parents are planning to attend my cousin’s wedding in the US in October. I haven’t seen my parents in 18 months. It looks like it’ll be a while yet until I’ll get to see them in person given how strict Australia’s rules are with international travel.

I understand why these lockdowns are in place. I’m happy to comply with them. But I’m starting to feel frustration at how the government has handled the vaccine rollout, among other things. I’m especially frustrated at people who intentionally flout the mandates or insist that COVID isn’t real. I’ve had friends and family overseas affected with COVID and I know people who’ve died. Obviously, these people I know are all overseas… Australia hasn’t been impacted by COVID cases or deaths as much, hence all the denial and complacency. It’s just so much worse now given how infectious the Delta virus is. It only takes verrrrrrrrry few people for things to go off in a big way.

I’d been going out just before the lockdowns were put in place: An offsite with my coworkers and dinner at a busy bar afterwards. Ramen with friends. Dinner and walking through several entertainment precincts with an out-of-state friend. Going to different parks for walks. We even watched a movie in the cinema for the first time!

Then once again, we’ve plunged back into lockdown, looking longingly at all the other countries opening up. Oh, well.

Anyway, I’ve been doing most of my shopping online again and I’ve found these amazing Aussie brands (how’s that for a subject change?).

Neuw Denim. I had to throw out some shorts after summer. I don’t know if I’ll be able to sew shorts in time, so I’m demoting my old, ratty, misshapen jeans into shorts, and treated myself to new pairs of jeans. Hopefully, the next time I’ll need new jeans in (several years’ time) I’ll be comfortable enough to sew my own!

Amperna. My previous skincare finally ran out so I was able to try this probiotic skincare line. I’ve been lookout for Aussie brands for sensitive skin. So far, I’ve tried their serum and emulsion. I think I’ve noticed lessened redness in my cheeks, so it’s looking promising so far.

Beartrap. As I mentioned, my neck and shoulders have always been my problem area. I’ve got a whole bunch of massage tools but this has been the best at really massaging all the knots in my neck and upper shoulder area. I’ve been using it every day since I got it. Planning to grab it after publishing this, haha.

(In even better news… four posts down. Three more to go!)

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