Round and round we go

We’re back in lockdown again. While there have always been restrictions (of varying degrees), this has only been the second time since the pandemic started that Sydney has had a “proper” lockdown.

I’d been extolling the fact that life here was nearly back to normal, with the exception of overseas travel. The vaccine rollout wasn’t great, but at least we were still chugging along… until the Delta strain escaped into the community.

Sydney had no chance. The times I’d been out and about, there were clearly very sick people in public, masks be damned. People weren’t checking into establishments and most establishments didn’t care much either. There were reports of vaccine wastage, what with people not being keen to get the vaccine.

So anyway, here we are again.

The difference is that we now, we’d been functioning under the assumption that things were getting back to normal. With the first lockdown, S and I put a lot of things on hold. The opposite is happening right now. We’ve set a few things in motion, waiting to land. But there’s nothing we can do but sit tight and hope cases are brought under control as soon as possible.

A few random thoughts:

Today: We were meant to have a BBQ. Obviously, that’s not pushing through. At least we have more than enough food for the rest of the week.

Reading: I’m re-reading Charles Duhigg’s The Power of Habit. I’ve also been smashing e-magazines thanks to my local library. The Economist, New Philosopher, WIRED, New Scientist, Peppermint, Frankie and Marie Claire are my faves. I feel like I’m starting to get over random Internet surfing and clicking on random articles. I’m yearning for meatier, longer reads.

Learning: I’ve been catching up with all my digital learning: El Metodo for Spanish and Interaction Design Foundation and Leaders of Awesomeness for my career (UX/Product Design).

Exercise: I’ve been doing a lot more yoga lately, thanks to The Yoga Collective. I’ve never been a huge yoga person, but lately I’ve been feeling achy and sore. I’ve always had a problem of not stretching enough after exercise, and I don’t know if it’s age or what, but now I feel it so much more, haha! So my goal is to loosen up a little bit… or a lot… especially with my shoulders and neck.

Hobbies: I miss baking, sewing and my dance classes. I really want to get back into them again. Four more weeks, if all goes well!

(Post three, four more to go. Next week, I’ll be more than halfway!)

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