Challenge: write a post per week

This has the sole purpose of trying to make the weeks go faster. 😛 At the moment, there’s nothing to do but wait and make the most of this in-between period. I feel a little bit in a rut being in this limbo of sorts, but I know it’s also because of myself. I need to get back into my usual routines, hobbies and activities, and not spend most of my time counting down the days!

So here goes.

Currently: It’s the long weekend and S and I are spending it low-key. No big things, but we’ve agreed to go out for walks every day, get a handle on a whole bunch of admin things and relax after the busy-ness of the last few weeks.

Entertainment: I went to the cinema for the first time since the pandemic started. We watched “In the Heights“. Such a fun movie! It made me miss going to dance classes in person. I’ve only been doing digital classes and while those have their benefits, there’s really nothing like being in a studio with other people feeding off each others’ energy.

Shopping: I didn’t do a lot of shopping last year. Since I was working from home anyway and there wasn’t a lot of proper “going out”, I was happy to use what I already had. But with the move, I ended up throwing a lot of clothes/toiletries/etc. that had gone ratty or out of date. Thankfully there are end of fiscal year sales are going on now so there were some good deals around. Time to put a little bit more effort into my appearance (haha) now that things are opening up more.

Doggos: I’m now in the company of two very adorable dogs – Ron and Belle. Yes, my clothes now have a permanent blanket of dog hair but they and their little personalities bring so much joy to my every day. Ron likes to jump into my lap (even when I’m working from home) to demand pats while Belle is always hovering around while I’m eating, hoping for crumbs. (She is actually lying down beside me on the sofa as I type this.) I don’t know if S and I will get our own dogs in the future but for the moment we are enjoying the doggy love.

Winter: It’s officially winter and it’s cold. Will I ever get used to the cold, or is it impossible since I grew up mostly in a tropical country?

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