On “lifestyle”

I’ve been thinking a lot about how important “lifestyle” has been to me. It was something I never really thought about because it was so easy to take for granted. But the past year or so have made me realise how lucky I am to be living this way.

I love living in an area where:

  • I get a fair amount of sun in my balcony where I can enjoy a cup of tea whilst doing my morning rituals.
  • I live close to a large riverside park and other walking tracks to other suburbs. (The park is popular with dog owners so have been giving pats when I can!)
  • My suburb is relatively quiet, but only a quick drive to major supermarkets and shopping centres.
  • There are good cafes that we can visit within 20-30 minutes of our leisurely weekend walks.
  • There is a small supermarket, medical centre, and chemist nearby.
  • I’m less than a 10 minute walk to the closest train station and ferry wharf and I can get to most places I need to quickly (or scenically).
  • It’s easily connected to major roads connecting to the rest of Sydney.

I’ve lived in multiple cities in several countries and I feel like I’ve had a few tastes of different lifestyles. There was living in an expat community on a man-made island in Japan; student housing in the US; a serviced apartment a stone’s throw from Orchard Road in Singapore; Manila suburbia; not to mention a few suburbs here in Australia before living where I am now.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned it’s that there is no one place in which to be happy. But there is something to be said about knowing what makes me happy, and finding a location which has the best chances of bringing about those things that make me happy.

So as we think about where we might end up in the future, I think I’d love to live in a place that is:

  • Relatively quiet. Living in a busy city is not my thing. All right for working or catching up with friends or going out, but not for coming home to.
  • Close to a park. My daily walks/runs in the park have been so good for my mental health this past year.
  • Walkable to some neighborhood cafes, and having amenities like a nearby chemist or medical centre would be great.
  • Good transport links. I like not having to drive my car everywhere.
  • Not a high-rise. Haha. I really can’t live in high-rise apartment buildings.
  • Near the water! Yes I’ve turned into one of those people who would actively choose to live beside water given the chance. Probably a river in my case, properties close to the beach are super expensive.

Obviously usual things like low crime rate / friendly neighbours / etc. apply.

It seems like such a simple list but sometimes it feels like a lot! I feel a bit sad knowing that we won’t be staying in the place we are now forever. But I also know, wherever we end up in the future, we will be fine. There are other good places out there. There always are.

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