We got tested

…for COVID-19 and we were fine. 😛

NSW hasn’t had community transmission for two weeks now (all new cases are international arrivals). So that the government can continue to stay on top of things, they advise getting tested have even with the mildest of symptoms.

So when S got a sore throat, we got tested although it didn’t seem serious. I had no symptoms, but I figured, in case he tested positive, I’d likely need to go and tested as well, being a close contact. I might as well find out then too and save myself the hassle of driving myself to take a separate test later on, if it came to that. (Side note: I don’t like driving myself to places anymore. I think that’s a side effect of getting driven around all the time. But yes, I am trying to change that and drive more even when S is around!)

We found a drive-by testing centre a few kilometres away that opened at 7:30 AM so we could get tested then work from home. There weren’t a lot of people when we arrived. There was around a five minute wait until we got swabbed. And the best part was, we didn’t have to leave the car.

We were initially fearing the test because S’s brother had gotten one and according to him, he “could taste blood afterwards.” I think he may have had an unlucky swab because it was nowhere near that invasive. Yes, I did get a swab up my nose. But it wasn’t that bad. The discomfort lasted only a few seconds. It did make me slightly teary eyed, but it wasn’t from the blunt force, it was more like someone tickling me up there the wrong way (if that makes sense)!

We headed home and spent the rest of the day quarantining while working from home. We were worried because we didn’t have that much food left. (Yes, we stockpiled quite a bit of groceries at the beginning of the pandemic, but we’ve cleared a big chunk of it! Believe it or not, we ate through all of the pasta already. I will admit we still have some cans of tuna left.)

We needn’t have worried. Around 2 PM, we got SMSes saying we were both negative.

And thus was the anticlimactic end to our little COVID test adventure.

My parents seemed to think it was a huge deal. I messaged my family to say that we were taking tests in the morning (more out of the novelty of it). My mum sent me messages about praying for our tests which I put down as a very sweet, religious mum thing to do. But apparently, she also sent messages out. I got a message from an auntie later on because apparently she found out we “had a COVID scare”.

I had to explain that the rules here were that everyone needed to get tested even with the mildest of symptoms. That neither of us were really worried that we had actually gotten it, and neither of us was super sick. That the entire episode was seamless: we drove through a testing centre, got swabbed within 5 minutes, and received our results in a few hours. Plus, everything was free! I think their worry was stemming from the fact that the circumstances around COVID testing are very different where they are. It made me realise how lucky we are to live here where it’s under control (as much as something like that can be gotten under control).

And hey, I don’t think I have any more fears with taking another COVID test!

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