Sew slow fashion

I picked up sewing a few years ago, but didn’t really progress much. I initially wanted to do alterations so I could tailor my clothes to fit better. Then I realised that to do that properly, I’d likely have to deconstruct clothes to begin with… so I gave up on that idea pretty fast.

Anyway, after taking a weekend workshop years ago, I was able to make simple garments. I made a ton of pajamas and pajama shorts (haha) and started making tunic dresses and tops. Like with the pajamas, I had base patterns I’d make variations of… different fabrics, necklines, sleeves, that kind of thing.

With everything that happened this year, I ended up getting more into sewing. And I mean really into it. I’ve never been particularly adventurous with clothing – I’d throw away a black shirt that had gone ratty and buy one exactly like it – so I liked the idea of knowing what my basics are and making more of those if I needed new clothes.

Now, I have to consciously remind myself to spend my time on other hobbies, haha! If I’m not sewing, I’m looking up patterns, fabrics, other people’s projects… As satisfying as making my own clothes is, I don’t want it to take over my life. Part of the reason I’m doing this is to become more sustainable. I was never the person who would buy a lot of fast fashion, but I don’t want to be stuck with the same dilemma of having too many clothes, regardless if they were fast fashion or not. It’s a hard balance to strike!

There is a sense of pride and accomplishment when I wear things I’ve made that I’ve never felt wearing ready-to-wear clothing. I may have gotten addicted to that feeling. I’ve got a few projects lined up for the rest of the year and I’m pretty excited. I’m hoping to get them done sooner rather than later so I can get some good use out of them before the weather starts turning cool again!

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