Reading fewer books

Last year, I resolved to savour the books I read. I’d been accumulating respectable “book counts” for the previous years. I had a 30 minute train ride to/from work, and I’d spend that time buried in a book.

Unfortunately, I didn’t really remember much from those books. I blasted through them, having momentary episodes of “that’s interesting” or “that makes sense” but nothing really stuck. So I resolved to read less books, but really savour them.

When “How to read fewer books” appeared on my feeds, I found myself agreeing wholeheartedly.

Except for one thing — I don’t read much at all nowadays. Oops.

Now that I don’t travel for work, I don’t have the time to get stuck into a book. And being at home, surrounded by all my other things, means I’m less likely to do it.

I lost my rhythm with my local library. When the lockdowns started, I reserved books from my local library as I usually do, but found that they were only open during times I was working from home. They’ve since reopened on weekends, but I’ve lost that habit of dropping by during our weekly shopping trips, to either pick a book or return it, if not both.

So. I’m trying to get my reading mojo back.

I’ve since resolved to get through the entire Harvard Classics. The books listed there are so different from ones I’d typically pick out for myself, I figure it’s as good idea as any to start chipping away at them and open my mind to new things. Also, it’s a good thing that most (all?) of them are freely available because of expired copyright.

I’m still on the first book (Benjamin Franklin’s autobiography). Good luck to me!

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