An assessment of affairs

We’ve been pretty busy the last few months because of changes on the home front. Like hordes of other people on lockdown, we’ve been doing home improvement. From getting tradies in to doing things ourselves (I helped paint a room!) to selling on Gumtree and disposing items we no longer need.

Crossing fingers that all the big things get sorted by next weekend. (Then we can focus on the houseplant and art situation… but at least we can take time with that!)

As part of all this, I’ve been forced to re-assess all the things I’ve accumulated. I didn’t have a reason to, previously, for the simple reason that there was enough room anyway. But having to move things around had me thinking – “Why am I lugging all these books around if I don’t use them?” “Why am I figuring out how these clothes will fit in this container if I haven’t worn them in years??”

So I’ve taken on another popular lockdown task, which is decluttering. (I also threw in a few Marie Kondo episodes on Netflix.)

I’ve always prided myself on not being a shopaholic, but nobody’s perfect. When I was sorting my items I realised it wasn’t so much that those items didn’t spark joy or weren’t useful. A lot of the things I’d been hanging on were artefacts from previous lives.

Take, for example, the books from my Masters degree in education, ten years ago! I kept them because I enjoyed them and felt they’d be useful somehow. But with the way my career has gone, I’m not focused on anything education-related. I probably don’t need the statistics books that opened my eyes how to properly understand research papers. (Nerdy, but it was one of my favourite classes.) And if I did need to brush up again on educational theories, it wouldn’t be hard to find similar, more updated resources.

Take the numerous bikinis from when I used to do water sports regularly. (I already had a bikini obsession, but I justified it by doing early morning stand up paddling sessions at Rose Bay.) Even if I did get back into it, I doubt I’d need all the bikinis I have stashed…

Technically, there is still room for all those things, but… I’d rather not. I’d rather just keep the things I need, and travel as light as I can.

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