Oh, 2020…

I didn’t want to write much about #BlackLivesMatter. I don’t have the experience or insight to give any sort of commentary that would give the movement justice.

I’m a minority in the country I now call home, but I’ve been lucky to spend my formative years in countries where I wasn’t a minority. (And even if none of us spoke the language, my family still looked sufficiently Asian that we blended in, when we were living in Japan.) That meant I grew up without experiencing repeated racial microaggressions, so I cannot relate to those who have experienced it all their lives.

Australia is not the USA; however, it still has its own shortcomings, especially when it comes to dealing with First Australians. Which is why I understand why the movement has gained some traction here, too.

Without saying much else, here’s a list of Indigenous charities you could be supporting and GoFundMe campaigns for Aboriginal Australians.

Also, here’s a beautiful piece in today’s Sydney Morning Herald – “The pains of beholding my country from a distance” by Cole Brown.

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