Realisations, part 4

Realisation #4: Now is the time to be conscious of how I want to live.

I’m lucky that I am still still employed and thus have the opportunity to take a step back and become more intentional about how I live my life given these quieter times.

Previously, things felt really busy. It was go go go. There would always be things I needed to do and places I had to be. But now I’ve got a couple of hours back – I no longer have to travel to work or my exercise classes, with both of those things done at home or at least nearby. While I still catch up with friends, it’s online. Restaurants and cafes are closed save for takeaway. Gone too are the events, museums and markets I would’ve spent my weekends in.

So now I’ve got time.

Plenty of time.

And how am I spending it?

Sometimes, I’m happy with how I’ve spent my time: sewing, playing the piano, practicing Spanish, baking, exercising and journaling. And sometimes, I’m not… the endless searching for interesting things and gossipy articles online. Staying awake at night for no real reason at all. Mindless Netflix and TV watching.

But yes. Now I’ve got time to step back and reassess if I’m living how I want to be living. And if I’m not, take steps in the right direction.

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