Over two months in lockdown…

I’m grateful that Australia has been doing well with the coronavirus. New cases have slowed to a trickle, so restrictions have been progressively lifted for the past few weeks. Restaurants now serve dine-in in increasing numbers. More and more people are now allowed to visit each other’s homes. Museums, libraries and some shops will be opening from tomorrow.

This is great for the economy, and we can’t wait to go out and eat at our favourite restaurants again. But admittedly, part of me enjoys the life I’ve been living these past few months. I like the additional hours in my day not taken up by a commute; I don’t particularly miss being on a crowded train or running to make timetables. I like working from home. I miss seeing my friends in person, but have found that we’ve been connecting more through online messaging, voice or video calls.

I’m also grateful for all the companies and organisations shifting their products and services online, making sure I don’t go totally bonkers in isolation.

Here are some of my faves. Please support them if you can! And if you’ve got any suggestions for stuff to do online, please let me know.

And one other item that should’ve made the list – Bluprint. Unfortunately, I just got an email yesterday that they’ll be closing in the next few months. Nooo! They were integral to me continuing to sew after I picked up the hobby years ago. I still have a bunch of un-watched sewing courses.

Anyway, I guess that’s my cue to make a move on completing my sewing projects. (Fortunately, I’ve recently purchased some new gorgeous fabric from Nerida Hansen. Don’t know if any of my friends reading this sew, but there you go.) Seriously though, Bluprint closing makes me really sad. I hope they sort out what to do with “own forever” classes (of which I have over a dozen!) so I can continue to watch and learn as much as I can.

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