Realisations with social distancing, part 1

New South Wales is in semi-lockdown mode so I’ve had plenty of free time lately.

By “semi-lockdown”, I mean we’ve been advised to stay home and practice social distancing, but there is still a lot of freedom in it. For example, people can still go to work if they’re an essential worker or if their work cannot be done from home (this doesn’t apply to me, I’ve been working from home for the past few weeks). We’re also allowed to go to the supermarket, seek medical help and exercise. We’re not allowed to gather in groups more than two, which is okay by us since we’ve been keeping to ourselves anyway.

So as I said, I’ve had plenty of time to think lately…

Realisation #1: It is really hard to do a meal plan and single grocery shop for an entire week. I usually have a few dinners or lunches out with friends/S during the week. Because I’d have some great meals, I’d be happy for mediocre, “good ’nuff” food for my remaining meals (e.g. roasted chickpeas – and I mean just roasted chickpeas).

However, given the state of things recently, we’ve been making all our meals. The mediocre meals have a tendency to overwhelm everything else if there’s nothing half-decent to alternate them with, so we’ve had to think about what we’re going to be eating. Especially because we don’t want to make multiple trips to the supermarkets if there’s an ingredient we’ve forgotten or if we’re suddenly craving for something else.

It’s hard. But we’ve also learned to be less wasteful of the ingredients we buy and how to make meals from the same kinds of ingredients. (Also, when I say “we”, I really just mean S, who does most of the cooking haha.*) But this is good practice. We’d been intending to do more meal planning and now we’re forced to do it and put it in practice.

* I did make two things last week. They were pretty good, so they’ll likely go into regular rotation.

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