Realisations, part 3

Realisation #3: I need greenery in my life. I am so grateful that we’re still allowed to go outside to exercise. Even more grateful that I live a 5 minute walk away from a park with walk/bike paths that pass through the edge of a river and continue to longer walks to neighbouring suburbs.

Every day for the past few weeks, we’ve been waking up at 6 AM or going right before the sun sets to go for walks around the park. I don’t mind waking up early – there’s less people out and about and it’s a great setup for the rest of the day. We cap off the walks with a visit to one of our local cafes where we/S grabs a coffee. A small way to support local businesses – on a “normal” weekend they’d be our usual brunch spots, but given the state of things a takeaway coffee is all we get.

Pre-coronavirus I would still go to the park, but admittedly I’ve been to it more times the past few weeks than I have in the past year! It was so easy to take it for granted – we were out and about a lot more, and if we wanted a walk we’d typically go to one of the national parks.

However with the lockdown, I’ve become even more grateful that I live where I live, and that I live near a park with a decent amount of greenery and noisy birds. I think, no matter where I end up in the future, I’ll always want to live near a park.

It’s also been a great opportunity for observations:

  • Two hunting dogs pointing solemnly at a round galah
  • A fat pug (called “Pudge”) trying so hard to keep up with his owner along the walking paths 😛
  • A small brown curly-haired dog running with the biggest smile on his face, his leash attached to his owner’s bike
  • A small crab ten metres away from the nearest source of water
  • A juicy-looking choko hanging over the fence.

Yes I’m aware most of the things I pointed about above relate to dogs! Haha!

I don’t know if it’s related to the lockdown, I’ve been spending more time indoors or I’ve just been more observant about what’s happening outdoors, but there seems to be more birds in the neighborhood lately. One day there were around 10 green lorikeets in the next building, and in today’s walk we spotted at least 5 cockatoos on someone’s balcony. (S did try to entice some birds with the muesli bits at the bottom of the bag but sadly there were no takers.)

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