Realisations, part 2

Realisation #2: I’m reconsidering the things I “need”. For example, my Fitbit conked out on me the other week. The oldme would’ve gotten a new one pronto. Now… I just don’t have one. I miss the sleep tracking, but do I really need to find out how I slept through an app? Maybe not.

Overall, instead of rushing out to buy things without a second thought… I’m taking a step back and asking if I truly need those things, or maybe I could try doing without for a little bit first to verify if I really do need them in my life.

Related: Maximising things. I’ve been digging deep into my cupboards and storage to see if there are things that I could use or repurpose.

For example, a few months ago, I started focusing on skincare. I’m running out of some things now, but I’m no longer rushing to buy more. Instead, I’m making do with what I already have, such as opened bottles of things that I tried once or twice but didn’t really wow me. Coconut oil instead of body moisturiser. Samples. Eventually, I’ll truly run out and go back to buying things, but for now I’m planning to use up what I’ve got first.

All the ingredients for things I intended to make months ago are finally being incorporated into existing dishes, haha!

To some extent I’ve already done this (making dishes out of whatever’s in the pantry), but now it’s no longer as driven by laziness or lack of planning as it is by making the most of what I have.

That’s why I don’t really have standard recipes for my baked goods. Thank goodness it’s easy to find recipes with substituted ingredients on Google nowadays.

On a related note, yesterday’s cookies used coconut oil and had oats in it, owing to me not having unsalted butter (but plenty of coconut oil) and oats approaching their “best before” date. And I didn’t have dark chocolate chips but the milk chocolate chips were an easy swap. The cookies turned out pretty well, I’m proud to say: coconut oil oatmeal dark chocolate chip cookies.

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