Save me from my phone

Soooo I got the Pixel 4 last year when it launched. This was a big thing for me… the last new phone I had was a Nexus 5X, which was the Google phone before Pixels existed — so around 5 years old.

My Nexus 5X would occasionally conk out and was really slow. I was also on a mobile plan which gave me something like 1.5GB a month. (Yes, that was more than enough for me.) The battery was also pretty bad — either I charged it during the day (e.g. at work) or made sure I barely used it just so I’d still have juice at night.

Anyway, I got my Pixel on a plan (they were doing great deals). So I now have a super fast phone and 60 GB a week. It is now super easy for me to say “I’m going to look up the closest dessert place” and pull out a list on Google maps. Or quickly do a Google search and look up a factoid during a discussion. Whereas I wouldn’t have done it before — my phone would be too slow, it would take up too much time, I was scrimping on my data, I was saving my battery.

So yeah. Now I’m trying to use my phone less again — but it’s hard. Especially when I’ve got this nice shiny new phone that actually runs apps and surfs the Internet really quickly. Waaaah.

P.S. However, I need to take more photos. Apparently my phone’s got a pretty decent camera, and I haven’t been making use of it. But strangely I don’t take a lot of photos anymore.

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