Happy New Decade!

And just like that, it’s already 2020.

I got a bit sentimental the other night thinking about what’s happened in the past decade… it’s been one with massive changes for me. Ten years ago, I had arrived back in Manila from my stint in the US. My job offer had fallen through, the company not having secured the anticipated funding because of the US recession.

I spent a few months languishing, feeling like a failure and worrying about where I was headed. It was in the middle of that year, that I boarded a flight to start a new chapter of my life in Australia.

Since then, I’ve earned two more degrees (haha), published two papers, spoken at a conference, worked at four companies, switched careers, bought my first property, traveled to new countries, became an auntie to one nephew and met S.

I’m typing this at the dining room table, staring out the backyard with jazz music playing in the background. Hipster much? The only thing marring the scene is that the view outside is tinted yellow, like someone’s applied a sepia filter on it.

Bushfires have been raging across my adoptive country. It’s never been this bad since I moved here. We’re lucky… the inconveniences have been minor – a cancelled holiday to Batemans Bay, not being able to do the outdoorsy things we intended, smokey air when we step outside. That’s nothing compared to people who have lost their homes or their lives.

S’anyway, here’s to a great 2020. Hoping for a great year ahead after a smokey and subdued start to the year…

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