Sugar free me (kinda)

Last month, some colleagues and I joined Starlight Children’s Foundation’s Sugar Free November challenge. I’ve got a massive sweet tooth and knew I needed to start curbing it somewhat. I figured doing it for charity was as good a reason as any.

The challenge wasn’t actually too strict. I could still have fruit and carbs, just not pastries or processed sugars (though honey and maple syrup were on the “allowed” list, a rule I didn’t choose to exploit). Wine wasn’t on the restricted list either. 😛 I could get (totally legit) cheat day tickets, and I only had 3 (or was it 4)? Not bad, considering both our birthdays are in November.

Ever since the challenge finished, people have been asking me what changes I’ve noticed. These are the main ones:

  • I stopped craving sweets (as much)! I would crave for sweets, especially chocolate. Once I got started, I couldn’t stop. Now I find I don’t search for it as often. Or if I have some, I don’t need as much. I can also do without. I’m proud how I had a nice dinner the other night at a fancy-ish restaurant and was fine not having dessert.
  • I stopped snacking during work hours as much. There was a time – not long ago – when I’d be constantly munching on things. Sometimes people would have biscuits or TimTams or jelly snakes out and I’d always be up for it.
  • Fruit satisfies my sweet cravings. I used to complain, “People always say to have fruit for dessert instead, but it never hits the mark!” Now I find it does.

Not gonna lie, it was touch and go for some time. I still remember madly searching online for sugar-free cookie recipes. (I ended up not making any because most of them used sugar substitutes, and I didn’t have fruit on hand for the ones that used fruit.)

I think I’m going to start doing this yearly. Probably not November though, too many things to celebrate, haha! But I’m definitely glad I’m not doing it over the holiday season.

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