You can take the girl out of Manila…

…but you can’t reeeeeally take Manila out of the girl.

Between the two of us, it’s usually S who does the cooking. Not only is he so much better at it, he also enjoys the process. I tend to do the baking, and things like smoothies, rice, setting the table and cleaning up after. 😛

It was a bit different last weekend because I volunteered to cook. And as it turns out, everything I did was Filipino-themed.

I made:

Chicken inasal. Twice. This is my favourite chicken dish ever. I/we’d tried a few recipes in the past from the Internet but they weren’t great. Fortunately, my brother gave me his recipe and it turned out really well. So well, we decided to have it for dinner on Sunday, too.

Green mango salad. Spotted some green mangoes at the grocer so decided to make a really simple one with mango, tomatoes, and onions to go with the inasal.

Ube crinkles. Crinkles aren’t a thing here so this was a two-in-one new experience for S. (I think I’d still have to make the standard chocolate ones though.) We bought ube at the Filo store and I was thinking of ways to use it up other than spooning it out from the jar.

I got the ube crinkles recipe from The Not So Creative Cook. The only thing I didn’t have was ube extract — I didn’t realise that was a thing.

There’s still plenty of ube left, so thinking about what else to make.

Mushroom chips. We love Mom’s Haus of Mushroom mushroom chips. Unfortunately, mushroom chips aren’t a thing here and we are down to the last packet.

I made some with this recipe, but with a lot more breading and garlic powder and paprika to flavour it a bit more. They tasted great out of the oven, unfortunately they became softer the next day. Planning to re-bake ’em to crisp them up again.

Calamansi things… I bought an entire packet of calamansi. Couldn’t help it when we spotted the bag at the Filo store. It was $7.50 for a Ziploc bag full. Now what to do with all the calamansi?

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