Day off!

One thing I like about my current job is how I can take flex days. If I work extra hours on most workdays, I can take a couple of days off each month. Because I’m used to working longer hours anyway, I’ve been taking three-day weekends twice a month.

It’s the best!

For example, when I go to Canberra for the weekend, I get to have two full days and take the bus back on Monday, instead of rushing around on Sunday afternoons.

Or cases like today, where I’ve had a sleep in, then got to do my life chores and life admin in a leisurely fashion. It’s great to finally knock of all these little tasks I’d been putting off since forever.

It’s also good to think about other things after running on autopilot most of the time. Mostly I’ve been thinking what it means to live a good life. I’ve been continuing to read about Stoicism and it’s inspiring me to consider how I spend my time and how I’d like to live my life.

I came across a version of the image below earlier this year, and I’ve been thinking of it ever since.

Don't complicate life

Simple things I’ve been grateful for lately:

  • Flex days, like this one (hehe)
  • Being able to snuggle into a cosy couch, with my laptop/journal, reading or writing with music playing in the background and a hot drink on the coffee table
  • Weekends filled with everyday errands, making and eating food, and relaxing
  • Hikes around national parks
  • Catch-ups and messaging sessions with friends
  • Using things up. (There are some things I like hoarding, like skincare and stationery, and I like how I’m finally using them up, haha! Makes me feel like I’m not being wasteful)
  • Living in a country where I can live a decent life without needing to make a ton of money.

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