How to deal with cats?

Shortly after moving, S discovered a previously-undetected cat flap in the master’s bedroom.

A black and white cat, who we later found out was called Chloe, started visiting soon after. She’d prowl around the garden. She’d park herself right outside the cat flap, and tap on it with her paws. When S unlocked the flap, she went straight inside and sniffed around.

Her owner, who lived next door, assured us that Chloe just liked wandering around the neighbourhood. We’d pat Chloe in the yard if we spotted her. And sometimes, when she’d ask to be let in, we’d let her inside and let her sniff around there.

She liked exploring the house. We figured that maybe the previous owner let her in a lot and fed her, because she seemed to want to get into certain rooms.

Anyway, yesterday I was giving her pats when she suddenly hissed, gave me a warning bite (fortunately was wearing long sleeves), gave me the meanest look, then stomped over to the other end of the living room. She continued licking herself until she went out to the backyard.

“Really, Chloe?” one of the neighbours commented as he observed her, as I led her outdoors. He explained that Chloe had actually previously lived there. Five years ago, her original owner passed away, so she got adopted by the neighbour next door. However, Chloe still liked going back to her previous home.

Last night, she was staying outside the bedroom, repeatedly meowing and tapping on the cat flap while we were trying to get to sleep. She was back there again this morning. When I went to the bathroom she went to the windowsill right outside the bathroom, meowing to be noticed.

Now we’re conflicted. S doesn’t want to let Chloe inside anymore. I feel bad. I can’t not give her pats! But I don’t know if she’ll eventually try to exercise her dominion over us…

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