Why hello there…

My domain is up for renewal in less than a month and I figured I better start using it again.

I have to admit, I’ve been wasting more time online. I’ve been regularly checking a super juicy subreddit my coworker got me into. (It’s ChoosingBeggars, if you wanted to know.) Plus, we ended up getting into a trashy reality TV show. While the show is done, I randomly check what some of the “stars” are doing every now and then. Haha!

Anyway, as always, I’m a big believer that every day is an opportunity to pivot my behaviour for the better. For some reason, I’ve got a massive urge to start over again, New Year style. 😛

The one thing I’m proud of is that I haven’t checked Facebook or Instagram since January. It’s been freeing, not being bombarded with the minutiae of other people’s lives. Not only do I have more time, but it’s freed up my mental head space as well. Being surrounded with images of other people’s lives subconsciously gave me FOMO or made me compare my circumstances to theirs. It also made me want to buy more things.

I find I’m more content now. Going Instagram and FB-less has also encouraged me to catch up with my friends face to face more often. Since I have no idea what they’re up to otherwise, I make more of a point to catch up with them.

The one thing I do miss is that I’ve lost touch with my “outer” circle of friends – people I weren’t really close to, but who I genuinely liked. This one girl comes to mind. She’d post adorable photos of her kids and the amazing things that she’d bake. However, most of our communication was done through Instagram, so now I just wonder about how her kids are doing and what new things she’s made now.

I also miss not having a record of the things I’d done. Since I no longer have the urge to post things on Instagram, I take less photos. It’s great for living in the moment, but sucks if I want to revel in the memories. Ah, well. Gotta find the balance somewhere.

S’anyway, for the rest of this year — I resolve to live with more intention. Less wasting time on the things that matter, focusing on the things that do.

A few random updates from me since my last entry:

  • I’ve been at my new job for over 6 months now. I passed my probation, yay, and am now a full-fledged public servant.
  • We went to New Zealand. Both of our first times and we loved it!
  • Had a quick trip to Melbourne, and many Canberra trips.
  • I’ve actually been pretty good at sewing things. Made a dress, two tops, and a pillowcase. Have resolved to sew more.
  • Have tried to up my privacy online — enabling 2FA when I can, updating passwords, that kind of thing. (I’m working on an authentication product so my eyes have been opened how lax I used to be.)

P.S. Isn’t it crazy how it’s nearly June?

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