How I got my allergies under control

I had intended to do a recap of 2018 but it’s a bit too late now given it’s midway through February! I had the vague theme of “Lifestyle design”. Whatever that meant – the vagueness meant I wasn’t as focused as I could’ve been. I did have the general idea that I wanted to continue crafting my life into one I was excited to live. This included shedding negative things, focusing on meaningful things, and fixing things that were broken. (My definition of “things” encompasses possessions, activities, habits, mindsets and relationships.)

One of my big wins from last year included getting my allergies under control! Woohoo! I’ve written about how I’d just accepted the fact that I had allergies. I would take an antihistamine nearly every day, otherwise I would break out in uncontrollable itching. I tried to wean myself off the antihistamine but I couldn’t stay off it for very long, and it would become unbearable. I had big red rashes all over my torso. I hated it.

I am proud to say that as of today, I no longer take antihistamines! How’s that for progress! 😀

And this is what I did, hopefully it’ll help some of my friends since allergies seem to be a common thing nowadays.

Drank tart cherry juice. This has to be singularly the most effective thing I did to wean myself off antihistamines. I drink 30ml a day. When I first started taking it, I went 6 weeks without needing to take an antihistamine. Since then, I’ve been going 4 months (and counting!) without needing to take a single tablet.

Sometimes, I wonder if I can stop taking tart cherry juice, but the thing is it has also helped with my muscle soreness and sleeping that I can’t imagine myself not taking it. Hah!

I use Dr Superfoods but my friends (who I’ve gotten on, and love it) use different brands and have had results too.

Invested in an air purifier and dehumidifier. The first night after I used my air purifier – I kid you not – I got three unprompted compliments from coworkers saying how refreshed I looked. Apparently being allergy-prone meant that I was having disrupted sleep at night because of the air quality. I’ve since bought a dehumidifier to help with the dampness and resulting mould and dust mites.

I’ve gotten mine from AusClimate after reading heaps of reviews.

Been more vigilant about cleaning. I make sure I vacuum and change my sheets at least once a week. (I mean, I know I was always supposed to be doing that, but sometimes life gets in the way, haha!)

After I realised that I was always getting angry red marks from where my clothes touched my skin I switched to a sensitive-skin laundry brand (Euca) and it’s been such a relief. I had seriously been considering just wearing flowy clothing if things didn’t improve, it was that bad.

Things I haven’t been sure that worked:
Switching antihistamine families. This was recommended by my uncle, who happens to be a doctor. The idea was to switch between different families (e.g. Cetirizine vs Loratadine etc.) so I didn’t get to used to one. I suspected I was suffering from “Cetirizine withdrawal”. However, I didn’t get to test this because I started taking tart cherry juice at the same time and no longer had to take tablets.

Eliminating certain foods from diet. Early last year, I had gone to a dietitian who recommended cutting out histamine-releasing foods. I cut some out but couldn’t really say it helped.

Taking supplements for gut health. I took Sonnes #7. I took Dandy Blend for dandelion root’s supposed liver detox benefits. I took probiotics. I drank turmeric mixes.

I can’t really say that none of those things worked. Maybe I did get some benefits from them, but allergy-wise, none of them contributed to the direct criteria of me not needing to take antihistamine pills.

Maybe one of these days, I can attempt to east shrimp/prawn again… 😛

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