When “stalking” someone made me happy

Ok, so I wasn’t really stalking — not full-on, anyway, haha! But I stumbled across something, remembered someone, did a quick search, and found her social media account.*

I had never met her, and she had never met me. However, I knew of her, and I am 100% sure she knew of me, too. We only have one thing in common: years ago, we were both antagonised by the same individual. I sometimes wondered what happened to her, and now I know.

Perusing through her images of her life with her partner, faces beaming; their travels; the pretty things she surrounds herself with — I can tell she is happy. And I’m happy she’s happy, and that we’re both happy. That we’ve broken free from a less-than-ideal situation, and have moved on. We’re both doing quite well for ourselves.

And that makes me really happy. I’d fist-bump you, if we were friends.

* Is it stalking if you don’t really put that much effort into the investigation, and all the information is easily accessible publicly anyway?

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