No more extras

Another thing I’ve decided to lessen is my habit buying more of things that I do need, but don’t really need right at this moment.

I read Marie Kondo’s The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up a year or two ago, and it inspired me not to hoard so much. I don’t think I’m hardcore enough to never have backups of anything – I’m a cheapskate at heart and will jump at the chance to buy cheap rolls of better quality toilet paper at Costco. But at the same time, I knew I had a problem when I excitedly bought a bottle of eye cream to replace one that had run out, only to realise I already had a spare in the cupboard.

I have identified that I’ve got a problem with:

Skincare. This is probably because I haven’t found my “Holy Grail” products yet, so I frequently try new brands. I always get excited by beauty products’ claims (plus points if they’re natural-y and Australian made) and I keep buying them to use when my current stash runs out. As of this point I’m probably good with skincare products for the rest of the year, and probably a big chunk into 2019. 😐

Cleaning products. I’ll admit I like cleaning. 😛 Similar to skincare, though, I’m on the lookout for natural (preferably Australian-made) brands and still haven’t found a range that I’m happy with. I initially tried using the baking soda + vinegar solution often recommended in “natural” cleaning but I’ve never really gotten it to work for me! Haha!

Fabric. I took up sewing last year. I can’t help looking at fabric and thinking, “oooooh, I could make something cool with that!” I now have a growing fabric stash (including fabric gifted by my mom and friends) and pile of sewing tools and notions. I was looking through my sewing cart the other day and realised I had no idea what I was going to make with all that stuff! I have some projects in mind, but definitely not enough to use up the stash anytime soon. So… no more fabric buying for me.

Food. I have several different kinds of salt, meat rubs and spices. Whenever I go to some cute local shop selling their own nut butters, jams and sauces I’m always tempted to grab a bottle. This one’s easy — I’m just going to eat it all. 😀

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