Mid-year reset!

(Dang, I was doing so well posting semi-regularly! Til I wasn’t.)

I honestly cannot believe that half of the year is now over. And it’s the third week of July, to boot. 2018 is zooming by! Anyway, here’s a few things I’ve realised after doing my not-so-in-depth mid-year introspection*:

I’ve been doing more self defence than dance lately. 😮 I haven’t had the chance to go back to studio #2 since my trip last month. Hopefully, this is not a permanent thing. I enjoy my Krav Maga and boxing classes… but I love to dance! 😛

However… it’ll soon be the end of a (dance) era. The Sydney Dance Company Studios are moving for renovations. According to my visit history, I’ve attended over 220 classes since 2012, when they started their online booking system.

I’ve only been going once a week for the past couple of years, but making the trek to the studios after work and unwinding at lyrical class has been my thing. Yes, there’ll still be classes at the new location, but it’ll be different — there won’t be a lyrical class (*sob*) and I’ll miss my afternoon meanderings through The Rocks.

Speaking of milestones… I turned eight years in Australia on July 6th!

And another milestone: I’ve been waking up consistently at 6:05 AM now. This means I’ve been getting into work by 8 AM and leaving at 4 PM. I really wish I’d done this sooner. It’s such a nicer commute during earlier hours, and when I get home I still have a big chunk of time to do whatever I want. Unfortunately, I still haven’t gotten the “sleeping early” part down pat yet. Hmmm. Soon.

I’ve been trying to smash my food vouchers. It’s no secret that I love food. Haha. I enjoy trying new restaurants, but Sydney can be expensive. Thank goodness I discovered First Table, rediscovered Dimmi’s restaurant deals, and have been maximising my Entertainment Book. My motto is, “if I’m going to eat out, I might as well save money doing it!” (I’m serious, it really is.)

One thing I’ve been doing more of: stricter timeboxing. This way, I procrastinate less, because I know I only have a set time to work on something. And that includes blogging — it’s almost 9 PM so time to publish! (Also, I’m proud I was able to carve out this time to write something, no matter how incoherent. That’s what I’d like to do more of – write.)

Til next time!

* Probably best described as brainfarts at random times I’m reminded that it’s now July.

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