Fixing me (allergies, part 2)

I’ve been doing a lot of health upgrade-y type things lately. One of them, which I wrote about previously, was around getting to the root of my allergy problem.

Perhaps it’s a sign of aging? I’m no longer content to just let health issues be — I’m approaching the age where it’s best to take care of the little things because they might lead into bigger things. (Or maybe I’ve become a hypochondriac.)

S’anyway, the past weekend I went to a specialist to ask about my jaw. I wear a splint when I sleep because I grind my teeth at night — I’ve been doing so for around 12 years now, but I suspect I must’ve been grinding much earlier. The past few months, however, my jaw had been becoming even more sore, and I was worried that I had been grinding my jaw joint down.

Well, it turns out that my jaw joint isn’t the problem — it’s just that the muscles around it are super tense. The specialist says that it likely started when, as a kid, I was blocked up due to allergies and resorted to breathing through my mouth. This “struggling to breathe” schtick threw my sleeping posture out of whack, causing the muscles in my neck and jaw to tense. Over the years it’s turned into a vicious cycle where bad posture, stress, and allergies caused me to grind my teeth and tense my muscles.

So now I’m on a drive to:

Do everything I can to get rid of my allergies. The specialist recommended using a nasal spray. I also ended up spending for an air purifier — just got it today. It’s gotten rave reviews from people who suffer from allergies saying they’ve slept better and snore less. (Because yes, I found out that I snore.)

Get better posture. Funnily enough, a week ago we ended up buying inexpensive posture braces to help us straighten our postures, haha! They’re still on their way, but hopefully they’ll be able to help. And although I’m not much of a yoga fan (sorry friends, I know this might sound blasphemous — it’s just that I find it boring! I’d rather be dancing or doing martial arts), I’m going to try and do a little yoga every day to fix it up.

Relax my muscles. So I need more massages in my life! Haha! Seriously though, I got recommended to go to a physiotherapist who can help me with my jaw and neck muscles.

I just find it really interesting how everything’s interconnected… but at the same time, I shake my fist at you, allergies!

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