Autumn, now

It’s been two weeks since summer officially ended, taking Daylight Saving Time with it. I’m a little sad that the sun is setting later now, but at the same time grateful for these cooler evenings. As I always say, colder weather really drives home the point that I’m no longer living in the Philippines — though it’s been eight years since I left, and I definitely consider Australia my home now! There’s this certain crispness in the air that I didn’t experience most of the years I was growing up.

I’ve taken the lack of DST as a sign to wake up, and go to sleep, earlier. That’s been my resolution since start of the year, but it’s just soooo hard to do when the sun is setting at 9 PM! I feel like I should be out and about as long as there’s still daylight.

Well, now it’s setting a lot earlier — and I resolve to leave work at 4:30 PM on most days, that way I can get still catch the final rays of sun as I get off at my train station. There’s always something depressing about leaving work and the sky is pitch black outside.

It’s a little hard to believe that it’s the second quarter of the year, now! Here are a few things I’ve learned about myself the past few months:

I am apparently the type of person who needs sleep masks. At least in my apartment, where the little bits of sunlight that stream in were causing me to wake up way too early in the mornings.

I can no longer take really hot days. I always used to love the heat. I loved going to sleep when it was extremely hot and humid — without a fan on! Well, I don’t anymore. I guess I’m no longer used to the humidity — I’d wake up several times at night because it was just hot and gross. And when I went to Uluru… I was pretty much useless the first day. For once in my life, I thought, “this heat is way too much!”

I’ve decided to cut down on supplements. I don’t know if they’ve actually been doing anything. I’ve been trying to eat a healthier diet too, so hopefully that means I won’t need them. I also read a damning article about a lady whose blood they tested and they found out she was deficient in B vitamins, although she was taking supplements daily. I think I’ll hang on to my money, thanks.

Some of my resolutions are going pretty well. I’ve been cooking a lot more, sleeping a lot earlier (I rarely sleep past midnight, yay!), spending quality time with my nearest and dearest, and taking time out for self care. I gotta say, this notebook has really helped me out. Sometimes I feel busy with work, but it reminds me to stay balanced.

For the rest of the year, I resolve… to keep going, I suppose. Taking better care of myself by sleeping better, eating healthier food, continue exercising. Cultivating my relationships. Staying focused and being productive at work. Reflecting, writing, and being more thankful.

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