Adelaide, South Australia

I went to Adelaide over Christmas last year with the ‘rents. When I met up with my high school batchmate G, she commented how it was good that I visited, since everyone she knows who travels to Australia just goes to either Sydney or Melbourne. I didn’t have the heart to tell her that I’d actually visited all the other capital cities and Adelaide was the last one left on my list. 😛

(OK fine, so I didn’t really get to explore Darwin — that was just a stopover — but still.)

Anyway, I was pleasantly surprised with Adelaide. I’d been messaging her before I arrived and she commented that it was a very pretty city. That was definitely true. It’s much smaller than Sydney, but it was peaceful (also partly due to the fact that I was there during the v. quiet season between Christmas and New Year’s) and felt safe.

Here’s my top three.

1. I could drive around the city! Haha! I’m notorious for taking all possible recourse not to drive to/through Sydney CBD. Lately I haven’t been bringing my car at all. I live in a suburb with great transportation options to the city. With the traffic, finding parking, and paying for said parking, I’m usually better off just taking the train or ferry in, and spend my commute relaxing.

But with Adelaide, whilst I was initially nervous, it wasn’t too bad. The hotel I stayed at was in the middle of the city and driving through the streets was un-stressful. There weren’t a lot of cars, angry drivers, or idiot drivers.

2. It’s a very picturesque city to walk around in. It was nice and clean, and less grubby than Sydney. (I’m sorry I keep comparing to Sydney. I really do love Sydney.) There was a mix of old buildings and some newer funky spots, like the graffiti pictured below.

3. The Adelaide Central Market! I’m a sucker for markets with locally made goods. We booked a breakfast tour. It was really interesting learning about the history of the markets and finding out that a number of the stallholders have been there for generations. We got to sample some really unusual things — plants from the bush, cured meats from assorted Aussie animals, that kinda thing.

Unfortunately, lot of shops were closed due to the holidays… If I were to go back, I’d spend more time trying out new restaurants (though the ones we went to were really good, a lot of the other places on my list were closed), and going back to the Adelaide Hills. (We did get to go to Hahndorf, the German town, and although we had no time to go cherry picking, we ended up buying boxes of delicious cherries from Wotton’s cherries.) Overall, it was a nice, relaxing trip, a brief taster of what South Australia has to offer.

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