New Caledonia

I had a quiet Saturday so I finally had time to edit my New Caledonia photos. 😛 It’s been over 7 months since my trip, but better late than never!

The trip was totally unplanned, but a lot went on during the first half of 2017 that I figured I needed a break. I wanted to go somewhere close, yet exotic. What better place to choose than New Caledonia, a French territory a mere 3 hour flight from Sydney? (It’s even closer than Perth!)

Things I liked about New Caledonia, or Nouvelle Caledonie, as the locals call it:

1. It’s a very, very beautiful island in the South Pacific.
I’d nearly forgotten how pretty islands looked, having lived the past 8 (!!) years in the humongous landmass that is Australia. And the view of approaching a tiny island smack-dab in the Pacific Ocean was just something else.

The view from my airline seat.

The view from my hotel room. How lucky was I!

2. There is so much greenery everywhere.
There’s a lot more than beaches in the outdoors!

I booked a day tour and one of the stops was a nature reserve in Dumbea, a short drive from Noumea, the capital. Everything was so green and lush and everyone was really chill, saying “Bonjour” to us as we passed. We didn’t spend a lot of time here, but I’d love to go back and do a proper hike through the trails.

The Tjibaou Cultural Center is technically in the city, but I loved how the buildings and greenery blended into each other.

3. French food.
‘Nuff said. As I mentioned, New Caledonia is a French territory. The people there carry French passports, speak French, and… *drumroll please* serve French cuisine.

Photo on the left is from L’Hippocampe. As for the photo on the right… sadly I don’t remember the name of the patissier where I got the chocolate thingamabob anymore.

(Haha, every time I do these trip recaps, one of the items is always food-related.)

It was a super quick trip — 4 days. And yes, while Noumea is small and I probably hit all of the tourist attractions during the day tour, I’d love to go back again for another recharge. I’d probably want to do a bit more hiking/outdoorsy stuff, gorging on French food, and enjoying that gorgeous view from my hotel balcony.

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