I like plants

I’m still not entirely sure why, but last September I decided to get more houseplants. I had a succulent my brother and sister-in-law gifted me a few years ago, which was happily still thriving, unlike one I got from a former coworker, which ended up dying within a few months.

So I went to Newtown Garden Market one day and got myself a syngonium. The guy who worked there had to repot the plant for me, because I had no idea what repotting was. The syngonium ended up living on my beside table.

Since then, I’ve gotten a parlour palm (which has started sprouting mushrooms, grrr) and lavender.

The lavender almost died and I decided to replace it with impatiens, but it ended up not dying, and now I’ve got both. (Lavender not pictured, because it still looks a bit straggly.)

My original succulent ended up with babies, which I’ve placed in a new pot. (The babies had babies of their own, so I now think when they all start growing madly I may have a problem.)

The syngonium has outgrown its original container and I’ve gotten a mini parlour palm to place in the pot.

So now here I am, six months later, with a growing collection of houseplants. Now I know how to repot a plant, propagate a succulent, when to water a plant, and I understand what “variegation” means. I want some more (I want a citrus plant and some devil’s ivy on my bookcase) but have been convinced not to get more, and instead wait til I need to repot my existing ones and have empty pots to fill.

As an unintended consequence I’m now worried about going away. What will happen to my plants? What if the person who usually waters my plants also goes away? The lavender and the impatiens need to be watered every day, oh gawd… this must be what it feels like to have a pet.

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