On tracking food

It’s the last day of February and the first two months have just flown by.

So, I decided to use my employee benefits and have been speaking with a nutritionist. Among other things, she’s told me to start tracking every thing I eat. Unfortunately, it’s yielded a few sobering truths: although I say that “I usually eat well, except for when I go out,” I seem to be eating out a lot more than I initially thought. Two, during times I don’t get to go grocery shopping (such as this week), I subsist on paltry, not-that-healthy meals (e.g. peanut butter on toast).

The great news — I’m doing great in the fruit and healthier substitutions department, and I’ve definitely been eating less sugar and more veggies than I used to. But I’ve still got a long way to go.

I know that “cooking” is one of my goals for this year, but one of my sub-goals under that is to learn how to make more salad-y type meals. My usual go-to is salad mix, tomatoes, some kind of cheese, and an olive oil and vinegar dressing. Since late last year, I’ve made a Greek salad, walnut and pear salad, green mango salad, and a lemony olive oil dressing that was a-maz-ing. (Yeah, I know making salads isn’t particularly complicated, but adding more to my salad repertoire is a big deal to me.)

I’ve been browsing through Jamie Oliver’s 15-Minute Meals book, which I got years ago at a local market. The only way these recipes take 15 minutes is if I had my own personal chef prepping the ingredients as well as Jamie Oliver’s array of kitchen gadgets. (No wonder this book was shuffled off to a secondhand goods stall.)

Now, I have to start looking for more ways to incorporate veggies into my diet. I swear I was much better at this before the end of 2017, but with the holidays, I got used to eating fatty, salty, flavourful food again. I can’t help that it’s so damn delicious!

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