My thing for 2018

2016: Simplifying
2017: Lifestyle Design
2018: Focus

In 2016, I learned to make space in my life. 2017 was about trying new things. 2018 is about identifying the things that I’d like to keep in my life and doing more of them. Funnily enough things have worked out that way. 😛

Things I want to focus on this year

Learning how to cook (properly). Fine, I already know how to cook. But my cooking style is best described as “cooking for survival”. I really want to become more comfortable around the kitchen, and to be able to make things that I’m proud to serve to other people.

Sewing more. I’ve actually bought a heap of fabric and have several sewing projects lined up. I’ve even bought a number of Craftsy classes to help me upskill. I just need to block off my time so I can focus on them.

Other things

A few things I want to keep doing: eating healthy, exercising, fixing my sleep hygiene, meditating, wasting less time, and applying Stoic philosophy to my life. (I get the feeling that these are the kind of things I’ll always be trying to improve on.) I also think I’d like to keep doing something new a month, even if it’s things on a relatively smaller scale.

Hobbies I might bring back into my life: working on my Spanish, juggling, photography, piano.

Some things about myself I’d like to change: becoming less judgemental, complaining less about customer service (sorry), becoming more patient and understanding, connecting with people on a deeper level*.

* I feel like I have a lot of superficial friends. Or even if they’re not superficial exactly, they’re not as deep or meaningful as they could be. I’d like to fix this and strengthen my relationships. 🙂

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