A post of lists

My new-thing-each-month resolution, so far:

I’m doing pretty good so far, I think.

Anyway, here are a few things I came across recently that really added to my life:

1. QualityTime app
This helps me keep track of my mobile phone usage. I read somewhere before that people could spend 5-7 hours on their phone. I thought, “there’s NO way I could be wasting that much time!” Until I started tracking my behaviour. I clocked up three hours, easy.

Granted, not all of it was focused phone time – sometimes, I was multitasking (another sin… haha) – but STILL. That’s three hours of either being glued to my phone or distracted living. I’ve brought it down now…. and I’m trying to get it down to one, at most two, hours a day. It’s just a bit challenging considering I have a lot of friends and all my family outside of Sydney.

The app also lets me block off time where I can’t use my phone, save for a few apps. Super helpful when I’m at work. It stops me from mindlessly checking my device.

2. “HER” podcast
I chanced upon Dr Pam Peeke’s TED Talk and she had me in stitches. She was so funny and straightforward (not to mention scientifically based, haha!) that I had to sign up for her podcast.

So yeah, it might be a bit geared towards females but I find a lot of her advice is quite general and applicable to everyone!

3. “By the Book” podcast
OK, I admit it. I’m probably a self-help junkie. I’m a sucker for self improvement books / podcasts / programs / etc. Which is what makes this so funny! Hosts Jolenta and Kristen follow a self-help book to the letter for a couple of weeks, then report on their findings. They’re hilarious especially when they come across WTF moments that are so common in self-help books. I usually just adopt whatever works for me but it’s really funny hearing about them apply everything in the books to their lives.

4. An alarm clock
I stopped bringing my mobile phone into the bedroom. My solution: an old school alarm clock! In my search for a proper alarm clock, I now have three other clocks scattered around the apartment. Oops. One was an older alarm clock that fell over and stopped working, two were just analog clocks and not alarm ones at all. At least I’m rarely late now. Heh.

One thing I miss about digital alarm clocks: the absolute precision I can set the alarm time. I can’t seem to get my clock to ring at 7:30 — the little knob/pointer that sets the alarm is so fiddly! So I’ve been waking up at 7:20 AM and just dealing with it. 😛

I can’t believe it’s already August. Where did the year go?!

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