Looks like I’ve been ignoring this

Didn’t post at all in June and now it’s the second week of July, oops! Life felt a bit all over the place the past few weeks – hence the lack of posts – but here’s me trying to get back into it, as well as getting the rest of my life back on track.

Please pardon this really clunky welcome back post — my blogging skillz are rusty.

My May thing, part two

I wrote in my last post that May was my skincare month. It was also, to a lesser degree, my makeup month.

I’ve never been into makeup. I remember the first time my friend showed me how to put on eyeshadow. It was after college. Fortunately, one of my friends here is a makeup artist and nicely held a few “classes” to teach us, her makeup-challenged friends, some tips.

So, in May, I finally decided I wanted to get into makeup a little bit more (over a decade after the rest of my peers have started experimenting with it!) I ended up throwing out a large chunk of makeup I had. I hadn’t used a lot of it in years, and realised it had probably gone bad — so now I’m learning to start afresh, makeup-wise.

I still don’t wear it everyday, though. I usually go out with my CC cream and some kind of lip colour, and reserve a full face of makeup for when I go out. (Ultimately, I’m still trying to get to the level where my skin is awesome enough and I look polished enough to not require a full face every day, so my focus has been on improving my skin over using makeup.)

I can’t do the entire makeup transformation thing, however. I still look like me. I have to admit, I can’t help but be amazed at how different some people look with makeup.

But it’s not always a good thing, I suppose. I’m reminded of an acquaintance’s ex-girlfriend, a popular social media influencer. She’s supposedly cute enough in real life, but thanks to a ton of makeup, angles, and lighting, she looks totally amazing in her social media account… but not so much in other places, and she’s been getting a lot of flak for it! I guess transformation faces are good enough occasionally, but I couldn’t imagine looking totally different everyday and disappointing people when I go au naturale!

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