Activewear (activewear) and my changing buying patterns

I’m a couple of years late, but my friend showed me this video a few months ago and I couldn’t stop laughing:

Yes, I know technically, people can wear whatever they want… if they want to drop hundreds of dollars on leggings for lounging around the house, who am I to tell them how to spend their money? I just find it a bit funny, though, when people spend large amounts of money on workout gear with no intention of exercising, or when they use the lack of cute clothing options as an excuse not to get active (which I have sadly encountered).

I’ve been into sports ever since I was a little, and I’ve never been fussy about my workout clothes. I wore unbranded shorts and tops til they became ratty and unusable. I’ve attended classes with professional dancers and noted, with interest, that they usually didn’t wear any of the fancy workout gear… they wore plain and simple clothing that allowed them to move freely.

Anyway, so I recently had to retire two of my workout bottoms — one was a pair of capri leggings, the other a pair of short shorts. They’d gotten to the point where I (ahem) risked exposure, so into the bin they went. I was looking for replacements when I realised that I didn’t want to buy the plain black ones sold at a local discount department store.

I guess it’s with all the sewing I’ve been doing, but it made me think about why those leggings were so cheap. Where were they made? How the hell could they cost $8, when there’s fabric, labour, logistics etc. to consider? It’s insane. So I decided to spend a little bit more… I looked around and found these really cute bottoms on sale. They’re Australian and ethically made… as I was explaining my decision to my friend, I commented, “I’ve turned into one of those.” Yup, I definitely have… buying locally has started to become more important to me, and I’ll do it when I’m financially able.

Also, the leggings I got were a lot brighter than the plain black or gray ones I usually get… and they’re really fun to put on! 😛 So I guess I’m starting to see the appeal of wearing funky activewear, haha!

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