Me and my sewing machine

My new thing for March was sewing!

I hadn’t intended to do it so early in the year — it seemed like such a big thing to get into without mentally preparing myself first.* But there was a sale on machines, so I bought one, booked an intensive beginner workshop, and off I went!

The first thing I realised was that there were so many other things that I needed to consider. For example, for the workshop I had to bring in some “medium weight cotton.” I had no idea what medium weight cotton looked or felt like… fortunately, the lady at the fabric store helped pick it out for me.

I ended up making a little girl’s blouse and a tote bag that weekend, and I was so proud of myself! It made me want to make a gazillion other things, but it also made me realise that I had so much to learn. We sewed with cotton — but I wanted to make things out of knit and stretch fabrics. I’d bought the wrong kind of thread — I didn’t know that could be a thing! Cutting out patterns and putting the pieces back together was fun, and it gave me a greater appreciation for understanding how clothes are structured. I look at clothes differently now — I like looking at how things are made, and I appreciate the craftsmanship that goes into a well-made piece of clothing.

I haven’t taken any other classes yet, because I want to practice more before moving on to something more advanced. So far I’ve been making pajamas — haha! They’re useful, and if I mess up I don’t really care. Hopefully I’ll move on to more public facing clothes soon. 😛

* I seem to always overestimate the amount of mental preparation that things take. One thing I’m learning is to jump in and do things!

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