Style update, part deux

(This is an extension of this post, where I mentioned talking about the things I bought to fill in gaps in my closet.)

Wardrobe purchases from start of the year

After culling my closet, going through what remained and analysing my lifestyle, I ended up buying a few things to help fill in the gaps.

1. A dusty pink maxi skirt from Vintage Summer Fashion
I’d been thinking about getting a maxi skirt for over a year now (yeah, that’s how I function, I tend to think about purchases for a while!) and finally decided to get one. I went through several shops in real life, but I couldn’t find one I liked. I also wanted to go for an independent designer over something cheap and mass produced. Luckily, I found Ana on Etsy. This skirt is now one of my favourite things to wear. Fortunately, winters in Sydney aren’t too bad, so I can continue wearing it all year round.

2. Shlomit Ofir jewellery, also found at Ivy and Bird (AU)

Most of the jewellery I had was really big and loud costume jewellery. I realised that I didn’t have anything for times when I wanted to wear something a bit more understated. I thought that Shlomit’s pieces were perfect. I found her designs simple and elegant. And cheap!

3. Black denim jacket by Dannii Minogue
This is probably my “weakest” purchase of the bunch. I realised I needed an in-between jacket for cold winter nights or warmer spring/autumn days… something heavier than a cardigan, but lighter than my trench coats and leather jackets. I was on the lookout for a black denim jacket, and honestly I couldn’t find anything that wasn’t shiny or oversized or cropped or had sequins! Seriously! So I went for it. The cut isn’t perfect on me, but it’s good enough.

My favourite new-old thing!

I’m really proud of this. 🙂 Some of you may have seen me wearing my knee-high Doc Martens. I felt hardcore wearing ’em. It was a different time of my life when I got them — I was a working student at a kinda-startup in a hipster suburb. Now that I’m older and more boring (ha!) I found myself wearing the boots less and less.

So I had them shortened.

Now I have ankle boots!

One of the books I was reading spoke about giving old boots new life by taking them to a proper cobbler and having them shortened. I thought this was a great idea, as I was barely wearing these knee-high ones and at the same time no longer had flat ankle-high black boots. I took mine to Roger Shoe Repairs in Redfern. Roger was amazing — besides chopping my boots (including fixing the zippers that run down the side), he changed the laces, and even stuck the DM labels back on. Total cost? $35.

The interesting thing is, I looked at similar ankle-high Docs and none of them have zippers down the side. So not only do I have one-of-a-kind Doc Martens, they’re also much easier to get in and out of! And yes, I’ve worn them plenty of times since then.

(That’s also the good thing about buying something that’s made of quality — I can easily have them repaired or refashioned and they’re still good as new. ‘Cept for the scuffs.)

Anyway, that’s it for now. Then again, we’re coming into winter, so I might realise I need something else for the colder season!

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