My style colour palette

I was reading Anuschka Rees’ “The Curated Closet,” and she spoke about identifying a style colour palette. (She also talks about it in this blog post.) I decided to give it a go and I think I’ve got mine pat!

Mela’s colour palette:

A lot of neutrals, shades of pink, and jewel tones.

It surprised me, when identifying my colour palette, that I had already been subconsciously putting it into practice. I’ve been wearing a lot of basic colours the past few years — I have a ton of black and use a lot greys, navy blues, and whites for pairing. I like pink, and tend to wear it in a dusty colour, or, on fewer occasions, bright neon pink. Every now and then I’ll wear something deep and rich and like purple, teal, or a coral.

The only thing this is missing is yellow! Like the shade I’m using for my links. I like having a pop of yellow every now and then. Funnily enough, when I met up with a friend I hadn’t seen in over a decade, I commented on liking a random passersby’s yellow handbag and he commented, “yeah, you’ve always liked that colour, I remember you liking yellow from way back.” Haha!

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