Jason Statham broke my phone*

I was out on Friday night, and my friends were telling me about how Jason Statham was their ideal male type. I’m not too familiar with what he looks like, so I searched for him on my phone.

“Look for ‘Jason Statham body!'” they exclaimed, when the Google search results came up with headshots and clothed pictures. ‘Jason Statham body‘ was one of the suggested searches, so I clicked on it and —

My phone died.

And it has refused to turn on since then.

So that’s how I find myself using my ancient Samsung Galaxy SII. It’s funny how old and clunky it seems, but I remember being perfectly happy with it a few short years ago! I’m going to send off my bricked phone to the LG Service Centre this Monday, but I’ve already researched and know what I’m going to get if it can no longer be revived.

I’m a bit annoyed at this unexpected expense. But that’s life, hey? I’ve actually had several appliance breakdowns the past few months. My six-year-old laptop started gasping for life, my clothes dryer broke down, my dishwasher keeps throwing up an overflow error… ah, well.

A fortune teller told me last year that he saw me with a new phone. “Soon or in a few months,” he’d said. I remember scoffing at that suggestion, not just because of the randomness of it, but because I’m not one of those people who insist on getting the newest models when they’re released. I tend to use my phones til they conk out. But yeah, anyway, this happened. So maybe I should write this experience off as fate? Haha!

* Thanks to my friend T for coming up with the title when I was telling her this story!

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