Fitness & style goals update!

It’s been a couple of months since I started working on my 2017 goals, namely, being more fit and being more stylish (hehe). 😛


I’ve definitely upped my exercise, what with the new dance and Krav Maga classes. I feel like I have so much more energy. Admittedly, I’m paying a bit more money now, but I realised that it’s worth it for me. Previously, I would do a lot of exercises at home via Youtube videos or a weights program. (I’ve been following “Smart Girls Do Dumbbells” for close to a decade now.)

What I lacked was the ability to push myself. I was way too comfortable doing the same videos over and over again, and not pushing myself out of my exercise comfort zone. I found that I was a lot more likely to push myself in class, when there was a real live person encouraging me, and me getting energy from the people around me.

Of course, I’m still going to work out at home or at the nearby park, but I’m going to seek group environments a lot more.

I’m happy to say it’s been paying off! My neighbour told me last week that I’d noticeably gotten fitter compared to last year (“You’e always been slim,” she’d said, “but now you have a better figure!”) I’ve also gotten trimmer. Whereas I used to always say that I was a standard Australian size 8, some new clothes I’ve bought are now a size 6…

My problem area is still my belly, though. I like sweets and carbs too much.


(Ok, the title of this section sounds so pretentious. But I digress.)

The past few months, I’ve been getting compliments like, “your outfit looks really cute today!” or “you put together your clothes really well!” and even, “oooh, do you have a date tonight?” (HAHA.) I’m not going to say that I’m now some kind of fashionista, but I can tell that I’ve been putting together my “look” better. I just feel more polished stepping outside of my apartment. It only took me waking up an extra ten minutes earlier each morning, and actually considering if my clothes went together with my bag, shoes and accessories.

I’ve finished reading a bunch of style-related books (check out my reading list). I’ve decided to stop reading for now and start applying the concepts I’ve learned. Fortunately, a lot of the books had similar tips — namely, make an assessment of everything I have, get rid of the crappy (whether ill-fitting or badly-made) clothes, shoes, and accessories, be more aware of what remained, and wear outfits that made me happy. I’d already done the bulk of that last year with all the decluttering I was doing, so now my task is figuring out how to put things together.

That’s also helped me identify gaps in my closet, so I went out and bought a few things. (That’ll be in my next post, because I wanted to take photos but left writing this too late, so now the sun has gone down.)

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