Asking for directions

One of my mini-resolutions this year is to give directions to anyone who looks like they’re lost (as long as I’m relatively familiar with the area…)

Today, on my way home, I came across an older American couple standing at one of the funny intersections in the Sydney CBD. The man was fumbling with the map. I asked if they needed help with directions. Fortunately, their hotel was near my workplace, so I tried to explain as best I could.

(As with all direction-giving I worried that I didn’t explain myself properly, but I figured that at least I steered them in the right direction, and if they were still lost, they could ask someone else on the way!)

Every time I give someone directions, I can’t help but remember when I was confusedly standing in front of one of the ticketing machines in my first year in Sydney. A young man, unbidden, asked me if I needed help, and explained how to use the machine. It was at Town Hall, I remember, and he had been with his girlfriend. Funny how I haven’t forgotten!

Wherever you are, random stranger, thank you for showing me how friendly Sydneysiders can and should be!

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