Delayed launch

Soooo my “let’s goooo 2017!!” vibes were a tad delayed.

Soon after I had my decluttering/rest weekend a few weeks ago, I got sick. I used to proudly proclaim that I never get sick. But I’ve gotten ill three times in the last four months, so I don’t think I can really say that anymore…

My doctor said I probably picked up a viral infection, with my immune system being down after the busy-ness of the holiday season. He told me to get plenty of rest, so I took a few days off work, and did nothing last weekend. I got a mad case of cabin fever, feeling antsy at being forced to stay indoors.

Times like these, I have to remind myself that “resting” time is not wasted time. I once complained to someone that I hated times when nothing interesting was going on. He said, “Sometimes, when nothing is happening — that’s a good thing. When you are sleeping, and you get an extra hour of sleep, do you consider that wasted time?”

Still, I can’t deny that I’ve been restless. I’d canceled a few things and I’ve been slowly getting back into my social life. I’ve been easing myself into exercise too, and I can’t wait to fully get back into it. One of the good things, though, about getting sick was that I got rid of my holiday weight! Granted, it wasn’t that much — just a little over a kilo — but staying home and being able to get back into preparing healthy meals gave me a boost.

Did I mention? Getting super fit is also one of my goals this year. Haha. I say that every year. I’m relatively quite fit, but I just want to take it up a notch this year. (Interesting, late last year I had two male friends comment — quite surprised-ly — that I was fitter than them. I guess it’s not obvious? Haha.)

OK, now I’m really ready for you, 2017.

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