Customary 2017 post

This is the customary post where I feign surprise at how I can’t believe it’s 2017 already. But yeah, whaddyaknow, it is 2017 already! And already halfway through January, to boot!

Since my flight in early December where I had time to sit and think for 8 hours, I haven’t had as much time for myself. (Flight back was a red-eye, so no time for contemplation then.) The past few weeks were a blur. This is the first weekend where I finally have my place to myself again… I begged off invitations so I could spend Saturday and Sunday recharging. I like recharging.

Last year’s theme was Simplifying. I think I was pretty successful at it! I have much less stuff and more things that I actually love now… but most of all, I’ve had a change in mindset. Beyond physical items, I have less unnecessary time-wasters in my activities and relationships.

Leading on from that, this year’s theme is Lifestyle Design.
(OK, that sounds really anticlimactic.)

Last April, I wrote a post about how minimalism is not the end goal. ‘Tis true — now that I’ve sufficiently decluttered different areas of my life, my question is, what do I do to fill the now-available space? How do I better design my life so that it’s one I’m really happy to be living?

That’s what I want to explore this year. Some high-level resolutions:
1. Continue strengthening the habits I built last year on meditation, reflection, reading, exercise, healthy eating, and sleep.

2. Try something new each month.

3. Get a better sense of my personal style.
I’m focusing on the fashion aspect of style first because this is probably the area of my life that I’ve most ignored, haha! I’ve always just slapped on an outfit quickly… I really want to look more polished and put-together this year, and figure out what my “look” is.

I’ve successfully whittled down my wardrobe to clothes I enjoy wearing, and I’ve purchased a few new items I love. My goal is to use the pieces that I do have and put them together well.

So, here I go!

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