Hola, Barcelona

After Paris, my next stop was Barcelona!

(Mind was boggled a little bit about how I didn’t need to go through customs although I was going to a different country. But that’s the European Union for you!)

My favourite things about Barcelona

1. The fact that I could communicate
I got by with my broken Spanish, hurray! There were times though when they would speak really fast and my eyes would glaze over… haha… but in general, it was awesome being able to converse with the locals! And they were nice enough to slow it down during the times I asked them to. 😛

Pinocchio approves

2. The dancing!
We were staying near Barcelona Cathedral and there would be people dancing out on the street. Apparently, it’s called the sardana. It was amazing to see the community – young and old, men and women alike – come to dance together. Someone tried teaching the basic steps to me, which I got until they changed the routine and I got lost. Oh well.

We also watched a flamenco show. Everything was so… passionate. It was amazing.

3. The food
Seriously, I debated about whether I wanted to include food as another bullet point. But yes, I do love food. We had a range of it in Barcelona – from fine dining establishments such as Uma and Abac, to street food like churros and fresh seafood. Yum.

Uma Restaurant is probably my funnest fine dining restaurant experience to date. There are a lot of fancy things going on in this dessert!

Now that I’ve had a taste of Europe, I think I’d love to explore other countries in it… I definitely want to check out Italy (I’m a huge Roman mythology buff, plus I love Italian food, hehe) and perhaps one of the Scandinavian countries! Well, let’s see.

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